Policy Supporters for Condom Use in the Adult Film Industry

These organizations have not taken a position on Proposition 60 but have expressed support for the policy of requiring condoms in adult films.

American Medical Association

American Public Health Association

“It is essential that workers in the adult film industry use condoms and that those who produce adult films are held accountable, as are employers in any other industry, for maintaining a safe workplace that ensures the health and safety of those they employ. Just as personal protective equipment such as gloves for health care workers or goggles or masks are used to reduce the risk of injury or acquiring an infectious disease, condoms should be mandatory to protect workers in this industry.”

California Conference of Local AIDS Directors

California Division of Occupational Safety and Health

California Industrial Hygiene Council

California Medical Association

“That CMA support legislation that would require the mandatory use of condoms in the production of adult films.”

California Public Health Association – North

California STD Controllers Association

“Therefore, in order to reduce STDs in the adult film industry the CSTDCA supports the following: State and federal regulatory or legislative actions that would mandate the use of condoms in the production of adult films.”

Health Officers Association of California

Journal of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

Los Angeles County Medical Association

National Coalition of STD Directors

“Therefore, in order to reduce the epidemic of STDs in the adult film industry, NCSD supports the following: Enactment of federal and state mandates that would require the mandatory use of condoms in the production of adult films, medical monitoring paid for by the industry and that protects the confidentiality of the worker, and worker health and safety training.”

San Francisco City and County Department of Public Health

Ventura County Board of Supervisors

Western Occupational and Environmental Medicine Association